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Its all about performance

We can help restore your PC to high performance by all of our listed services.



Ran into a "Blue Screen Of Death"? Fret not. Jawecom is here! We provide basic to advance PC troubleshooting, as well as building advice with a smile!

Clean dust
Assemble PC parts

PC Parts Assembling

Don't know which wire goes where? Afraid to get your delicate gaming hands injured when handling the sensitive electronic parts of your computer? No worries! We too do PC assembling, with a small fee.

Custom water cooling

Custom Water Cooling

Been to computer exhibitions, and saw those glorious RGB-fed lighting and tubes running down the case, with impressive CPU temperature cooled by a car-sized (well, not really) radiator? You want that? We have it!

Operating System Installation

Windows seem "heavy"? Just got ransomware-ed by your "shady applications"? Virus attack? HDD failure? We can fix that for you too!*

*Depends on the severity of the issues. Our technician will help you in determining the best options.

Install windows


Need items to be sent to you right now as you are in the middle of an important project, but cannot come to the shop? Let the shop come to you! We provide delivery service around Klang Valley area, and we will extend our service to the other parts of Malaysia in the near future!

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Postage Service

Found something interesting from Jawecom, but you live 100+ kilometers away from us? It's 2020! We have postage service! just drop us a message, or call us, complete the payment, and we can send the item on the same day! You can get your item on the next day!* Rest assure we will wrap your items with bubble wraps for security. Lots and lots of bubble wrap.

*Depends on the carrier too. If the "abang posmen" got cranky that day, or the weather is not that good, or there are other possible issues with the postal carrier, then it might take more than one day.

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